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The Healthcare Insurance Forum A 10 year success story

Healthcare Insurance Forum is a platform for interactive debate to overcome regional health insurance challenges, identify opportunities this industry could benefit from and to ensure delivery of care and better outcomes to patients.

This year the event will gather health insurance stakeholders including regional regulators, authorities, ministries, insurers, operators and corporates to enable effective partnerships, minimise fraud and abuse, develop effective coding and claims management process and understand how data and analytics is changing the dynamics of the health insurance industry.

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Forum Highlights
Mandatory Health Insurance Fraud and Abuse in Health Insurance Payer – Provider Partnership Pricing and Medical Inflation
Explore regional mandatory healthcare insurance regulations and the government's role in establishing a rigid and successful governance framework Devise a robust real time fraud detection framework to effectively combat fraud and abuse in the regional health insurance system Set up an effective partnership between payer and provider to create a stable insurance framework and ensure delivery of care to patients Explore innovative strategies for controlling pricing and medical inflation through stricter governance and regulatory control
Corporates and Employee Benefits e- Health and Data Analytics Medical Coding Revenue Cycle Management and Claims Management
Manage essential health benefits with minimal essential coverage to improve overall employee health Drive efficiencies in the insurance framework and increase insurance penetration through telemedicine, e-health and e-claims Develop standardised coding procedures and benchmarks to enhance outcomes of care Develop an effective claims processing system through payer and provider collaboration to develop a faster and more efficient process